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Protector is available for upholstery. Protector is recommended for wool and light coloured carpets.


"Scotchguard" Carpet Protector helps to prevent spots and spills form becoming difficult to remove stains.

On carpets treated with "Scotchguard" Carpet Protector most spills can be easily cleaned up when spills happen.

Regular vacuuming will help keep your "Scotchguard" treated carpets bright and attractive. Daily vacuuming of traffic areas will help prevent soil build-up below the surface where it tends to abrasive to the carpet fibres, and vacuuming will be more effective on all types of carpeting including long pile, cut pile, looped pile, and sculptured carpets.

Vacuuming will remove more soiling from a "Scotchguard" treated carpet than from an untreated carpet.

Keeps your freshly cleaned carpeting looking like new longer.